AMC STAR MARKETING SERVICES INC. is a duly registered domestic corporation under the laws of the Philippines. In the beginning the said corporation is established by its incorporators to ensemble various international footwear manufacturers, such as CONDOR FOTWEAR (INDIA) LTD. and HILLSON FOTWEAR PVT. LTD., in to the country, with exclusive distributorship in the Philippines.

The company’s operation designs, sources and market of the products for men and women is at a variety of price points to which certain of its products are developed pursuant to compete to the market in the Philippines. It is premiered distributor of INBLU, CHIPS, AEROWALK and LABELLA under CONDOR FOOTWEAR LTD., which is one of the worldwide famous specialists in manufacturing of “PU” (Polyurethane) slippers and sandals which are famous in their segments and got enormous positive response from the customers all across the world. The said principal has shown its remarkable presence in Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia Pacific Countries.

In the beginning the business was focused on importing quality products. In 2016, in accordance with its expansion program and by reason of its growing reputation for craftsmanship and ingenuity, aside from being the premiere distributor of imported foot wears in the country, the company was most fortunate to prevail and launch home care products branded as CLEAN AND SAFE.

Clean and Safe Liquid use only imported premium quality raw materials from Europe. Formulated by professional chemists and it is skin safe and user-friendly products for your home and work place. Clean and Safe Liquid carries a Cost Saving, Eco-Friendly, and Great Quality Cleaning Supplies for the needs and expectations of consumers. The brand reassures consumers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed great quality, cost efficient, environmental friendly, and are easy to use cleaning products. Consumers appreciate Clean and Safe as a trusted and certified antibacterial cleaner which eliminates germs and helps create a healthy environment and work place.

Our products are the result of the hard work and dedication of our team of experts, specialized in different fields, who constantly follow the newest trends in order to develop products able to meet customer’s needs. To make sure we keep our quality at the highest level, the company decided to specialize in the production of detergents and cleaning agents, soon becoming a pioneer in releasing new, innovative products to the market. Thus, in the same period the company launched its most valuable trademark, ONESTOPSOAP, with the last one becoming the product that generation of AMC STAR MARKETING SERVICES INC. consumers have grown up with, a trademark for a Refilling station of home care products.

Today, ONESTOPSOAP is one of leading venture of the company; it is the first ever refilling station of homecare products in Philippines. In addition to the domestic market, now our brand and products are successfully sold nationwide.

Our core focus is to create a distinctive shopping experience that satisfies both the rational and emotional shopping needs of our customers by offering them a vast, exciting assortment of in-season styles combined with the convenience and value they desire.

To be the Benchmark in the market and strives to focus on the continuous development and manufacture of top quality products and services, with the aim to earn and retain branded and high quality products that are admired and favored in our sectors, by exceeding customers’ expectations for selection, convenience and value.

• We put our customers at the center of what we do.
• We value, challenge and reward our people
• We drive excellent sustainable financial performance
• We are committed to leadership in sustainability
• We build our future on our business foundation.



In today’s busy world, balancing household chores challenging economic times, AMC Star Marketing Services Inc. introduced ONE STOP SOAP in August 2017. It is the first ever refilling station of high quality, affordable and eco-friendly home care products. One Stop Soap offers the best possible results in meeting consumers’ demand for high quality cleaning products at an affordable price. Our vision is to be recognized as a social enterprise that is not only focused on growing the business but also on the protection of the environment.

One Stop Soap is open for franchise so as to encourage entrepreneurship in the community with just a minimal investment. All products are guaranteed with safe and environment friendly formulation. Within nine months, we have opened 97 franchise outlets and are gearing towards serving more customers through expanding nationwide.

What is One Stop Soap?
– One Stop Soap is a refilling station of the following household products: